What's my slipper size?

Don't know your European shoe size?

Because these slippers are handmade in Nepal in European sizes, it is important to measure your size correctly to insure proper fitting.

At Everest Cozy we feel the best way to get the proper size is by measuring your foot. Most people have one larger foot so that is the one you should measure from heel to toe. Then 

Follow these instructions to determine your shoe size.

  1. Step on a piece of paper and trace your foot on it.
  2. Measure your foot in centimeters. Then add 1/2 centimeter to assure proper size. If you are sure of your size in Euro that’s great! Just remember these wool slippers are handmade.

foot measure


  • You will need a ruler that has centimeters on it. We need your foot length in centimeters, not inches.
  • This illustration is not to scale. Please do not use this to measure your foot.